WNYFLEC began some thirty years ago due to the organizational efforts of then NYSAFLT Directors Robert Murphy, Anthony Papalia and Joseph Vocolo. Tony was the moving force, but NYSAFLT urged directors to meet with local constituents to learn their concerns. After many planning meetings, an organizational committee wrote a constitution and prepared a slate of officers. Both were accepted at the June 1970 meeting. The first officers were: Tony Papalia, SUNY at Buffalo, President; Robert Murphy, West Seneca, Vice-President; Alma Adolph, Secretary-Treasurer.

WNYFLEC was the first regional foreign language organization granted a charter of recognition by NYSAFLT. The charter of recognition processes were instituted during Maryalice Seagrave’s NYSAFLT presidency in 1977. Alice Werynski, a NYSAFLT Director, requested and received the first charter in February, 1978. Twelve such groups are now in existence across the state.

WNYFLEC has, since its inception, been a driving force in providing its members with up-to-date and interesting information through its frequent meetings, the Regional Conference, Foreign Language Week Kickoff, and a variety of cultural events.

It provides to its members the possibilities of winning scholarships, awards, and grant monies annually. Activities such as the S.T.A.R. Ceremony and Poster Contest directly involve the students of WNYFLEC members and allow them the opportunity to express themselves creatively, while receiving recognition for their efforts.

One of the most vital and involved professional organizations in Western New York, WNYFLEC works hard for its members.

Membership in WNYFLEC is still one of the best deals to be found!